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- Items marked in BOLD have higher priority over others

- I am ONLY looking for pre-owned items (because of ethical and environmental reasons) so items from sellers who are not merely commercial resellers of new items. I'd also abssolutely love custom plush.

- Just in case you wanna make customs, plush of Noivern or Rattata or any other Pokemon from my favorites who don't have a lot of official merch I'd be super happy about. I typically like cute things, but not overly cutsie or kawaii or chibi, just regular cute ^^ I mostly don't like super chibified versions of "cool" Pokemon like Charizard f.ex. though.

If you don't find anything Pokemon, I also listed some non-Pokemon wants at the end of the post :)

Charizard San-ei allstar plush

Rattata fit plush (I already have one of them but wouldn't mind another one in case you can't find anything else)

Other fit plush: (I'd be absolutely stoked about any of them on the list below)
Raichu, Bellsprout, Weepinbell, all the starters espc. Charmander line, Pidgey line, VENOMOTH, Caterpie and Butterfree, Doduo, Dratini line, Ghastly line, Onix, Omanyte, Clefairy and Clefable, Cubone, Psyduck, Aerodactyl, Dratini, Horsea, Sandshrew, Sandshlash, Paras, Weedle, Spearow, Ghastly, Haunter, Scyther, Krabby

Wimpod kuttari plush (eitehr one)

Growlithe San-ei plush

Alolan Raichu San-ei plush

Charmeleon San-ei plush

Popplio sleeping kuttari plush

Moko Moko Psyduck plush

San-ei Diglett plush or Diglett petit plush

Alolan Raichu Tomy plush

Alolan Raichu large Banpresto plush

Typhlosion PokeBox plush

Altaria Petit plush

Cyndaquil Kuttari plush

Alolan RAICHU  Kid figure


* Clefairy Secret Base Pokedoll (US release!)

* Swablu Secret Base Pokedoll (US release preferred, though Japanese release possible as well)

* Fletchling

* Midnight Lycanroc

* new Bulbasaur

* new Poliwhirl

* Venusaur

Swablu Kid figure

Pikachu and Charmander plush from this set

Froakie Pita Poke

Froakie petit plush

Kid figures (lower priority due to my inability to display figures at the moment - please only as side gifts if at all)



Anything How to Train Your Dragon (figures, plush, toys). Except for pop vynil figures bc I don't like their design, and no flats or stationery, mugs, usable items.

Douglas Shiba Inu plush

crow plush by BuggabeeBaubles on etsy

Forest dragon amigurumi plush by BuggabeeBaubles on etsy
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