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TCG wants




(images from bulbapedia)

And on goes the list...

Neo Genesis

Neo Discovery

Neo Destiny

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Normally I'd wait until all my orders are finished since it's a giveaway, but since we also agreed on a trade that actually bumps it up quite a bit xD I have two orders ahead of yours, so it should be about 2-3 weeks until I'm done (maybe sooner since I have spring break coming up).
Okay, no problem! I'll put them in sleeves. If you could send mine in sleeves too that'd be great :)

2-3 weeks is absolutely fine with me :) Don't mind the wait at all. I will take a bit until being able to do the figure anyway and I'd rather send it together with the cards as well to save on shipping.
Yes, I will send your card in sleeves too :) I will simply use these "flimsy" transparent normal sleeves if that's okay. You can also use them for my cards. ^^ If you don't have enough sleeves, you can also put 2-4 cards or so in one sleeve. I just want them to be protected in some way, that would be cool :) If you could maybe also wrap them in some sort of tissue or bubble wrap or something, that'd be cool too. ^^ But just if it doesn't increase shipping or something.

Oh and btw I saw your list of favorite Pokemon for each generation and I made my own list on my journal too. ^^ I think this is so much fun :) I tagged some other people to do the list too :>

Sure, that's fine! I'll make sure to put bubblewrap or something around the sleeves :)

Ooh I'll take a look once I'm home <3

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