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TCG wants




(images from bulbapedia)

And on goes the list...

Neo Genesis

Neo Discovery

Neo Destiny

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Okay, I'm gonna reply here :)
Here are the cards I still have. Those are mostly Team Rocket and Jungle ones. I think I have more doubles of Team Rocket still, but I just photographed the ones I thought you might want/haven't got already.

Unfortunately, those are not very many :/ If you don't want any of these, I might exchange some of the newer cards I listed in your thread on pkmncollectors with old ones I listed because there are some I'd really want.

Out of those, I'm interested in Dark(?) Gloom, Dark Persian, Mothim, the newer Eevee, Togepi, and Drifloon :) So that makes 31 of your cards and 41 of mine, right? Would you perhaps be interested in a sketch for the ten cards to make it even? Not a full drawing or anything, maybe just one or two pokemon that I can color in, like what you did with the Politoad card. ^^

Yes, it's a dark Gloom :)
These cards are also all in German - the secret wonders cards too, I hope you don't mind that?

And yes, a little sketch will absolutely work for me :)
Edit: Which Pokemon would you like? :)
Alright, so then we'll just trade all these cards we listed right? ^^ Awesome :) I'm looking forward to it :)

I'm currently working on my drawing for partywooper for the Sceptile :D That will be so awesome to get this plush! Do you actually know his size? I assume he is about the same size as the other mega plushies, so also like the mega Charizards?

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I don't mind at all! I love collecting cards in different languages :)

Great, thanks! Could you make a Latios with a Pikachu on top?
I'll send out all your cards tomorrow <3

I can't wait for you to get him, he's such a pretty plush :D Mine is slightly smaller than my Mega Blaziken but yeah, it's around the same size as the other mega's.

Oh I thought you'll just send the cards with the Sceptile and the sprites later?

And yes, I'll draw a Latios with a Pikachu for you <3

I don't mind sending them out earlier since it may take a while for the sprites to be done, it's up to you :)

Thanks! Can't wait to see it <3

Oh okay, if you're alright with paying the extra shipping? :x I thought it would be cheaper for you if you just added it in to the other package? If it's cheaper for you, please do that since I really don't mind waiting.
I'll have to buy new sleeves possibly first anyway, since I ran out of sleeves and some of your cards I want to trade don't h ave sleeves yet. Oh and btw, is it possible for you to send my cards in sleeves too?

Oh okay! Well if you're alright with the wait I'll put it in the big package ^^
Since the pile is about an inch tall I was going to tie it with a rubber band and then put it in a few plastic bags, would that work? If you'd rather have the cards in sleeves that's fine too :)

Do you have any idea how long you'll take until finishing the sprites? I'd rather have the cards in sleeves since I am super paranoid about them getting damaged somehow lol. If that's doable for you :) Should I send yours in sleeves too?

Normally I'd wait until all my orders are finished since it's a giveaway, but since we also agreed on a trade that actually bumps it up quite a bit xD I have two orders ahead of yours, so it should be about 2-3 weeks until I'm done (maybe sooner since I have spring break coming up).
Okay, no problem! I'll put them in sleeves. If you could send mine in sleeves too that'd be great :)

2-3 weeks is absolutely fine with me :) Don't mind the wait at all. I will take a bit until being able to do the figure anyway and I'd rather send it together with the cards as well to save on shipping.
Yes, I will send your card in sleeves too :) I will simply use these "flimsy" transparent normal sleeves if that's okay. You can also use them for my cards. ^^ If you don't have enough sleeves, you can also put 2-4 cards or so in one sleeve. I just want them to be protected in some way, that would be cool :) If you could maybe also wrap them in some sort of tissue or bubble wrap or something, that'd be cool too. ^^ But just if it doesn't increase shipping or something.

Oh and btw I saw your list of favorite Pokemon for each generation and I made my own list on my journal too. ^^ I think this is so much fun :) I tagged some other people to do the list too :>

Sure, that's fine! I'll make sure to put bubblewrap or something around the sleeves :)

Ooh I'll take a look once I'm home <3

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