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Little Treecko and his Friends


- There are two new friends at my house! <3
It's a Treecko canvas and a Treecko Pokedoll. The Treecko canvas is still a little bit shy and is hiding behind the Pokedoll. It will be going to aurorabeams and feels a little bit uncomfortable with this halt in between at j_ule's house :O


But then, j_ule's Treecko comes along and says hello! :)


They seem to have warmed up to each other pretty quickly :>


Now they wanna stop by where Elliot, the 1:1 Treecko lives to snuggle up together and celebrate a Treecko-cuddle-party <3


Then what's this? A Charizard?
Oh see Treecko, Charizard wants to be friends with you too! He even wants to give you his knit hat as a sign of his friendship!


You look good with the hat, Treecko! Charizard thinks so too!


See Treecko: these are all your new friends waiting for you at aurorabeam's house! :)


Treecko says to aurorabeams that he can't wait to get there <3 He's looking forward to his new home! <3

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Super cute! I fell in love with treecko all over again this game cuz i got a SHINY one :D i love his shiny colors!!! your plush are super adorbs and <3 <3 <3 and LOL that hat.

Oh wooow, aswesome! :O Did you just get a random shiny one when you got your Treecko in the beginning?
Sorry if I'm a noob on this, but Idk if you can get a random shiny one in the beginning other than breeding it?
And yes, Treecko's shiny colors are awesome! The color combination kind of reminds me of autumn leaves :)
And I fell in love with Treecko too ^_^ I didn't like Treecko before but I've never played the third gen extensively. When I played it I think I chose Mudkip. But in AS, I chose Treecko :> His whole evolution family is just awesome.

Oh my god!! :D It's so cute! Thanks for brightening up my whole day, Jule! <333
I'm sooo looking forward to getting my little Treecko canvas! I had to laugh hard at the last picture. xD
And charizard's wool hat looks so adorable on him. :D

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