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TCG wants




(images from bulbapedia)

And on goes the list...

Neo Genesis

Neo Discovery

Neo Destiny

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Heya :D
I have a double of the first Ghastly and Abra, would you be up for a card trade? :)

Oh hey that would be awesome :) However, I don't know if you also collect German cards? I only have a few English ones actually. But I think collecting cards in other languages is always fun ^^

Do you have any more doubles or cards up for trade? :) I think it would be better to trade a few cards instead of just two.
Are there any cards you are looking for?

I don't really have a preference for language, as long as the artwork is pretty ^w^

I have a ton of doubles, are there any specific pokemon you'd be interested in? :)
I'm looking for basically any card I don't have, which is quite a long list xD Specific pokemon would be Plusle/Minun, older Pikachu's, dark dog pokemon, kitty pokemon, legendaries, Furret, Swablu, Larvitar, Phanpy, and starters. If you have pics of just a random pile of cards you don't need, I'd be interested in looking through that too ^^

Do you have a list with cards you're looking for somewhere?
As to the specific Pokemon you mentioned, I have these cards (showing you google pics now because I'm too lazy to photograph my own xD)

These are pretty random though so you might already have them. I think I might have a Pikachu from an older set, but I'm not entirely sure.

I think I might also have this Furret card but I have to look first:

I have basically tons of doubles from the Secret Wonders set since I got a booster box once :D Do you happen to have any doubles of cards by the following TCG artists? Tomokazu Komiya, Kagemaro Himeno, sui, Keiko Fukuyama.
Otherwise, you can just give me a list of cards or so you'd be willing to trade :)Anything Oddish line, Natu line, Charmanders, ghosties, Dratini etc. (basically all of my favorite Pokemon) is always welcomed! :) A Treecko or so would be nice too ^^

Ooh I'd definitely be interested in the Houndour and Houndoom! I think I have the Phanpy's, but I need to double check. And if you have that Furret I'd be interested in it too <3

Unfortunately I know nothing about the artists, is there any place I can look that shows a list of all the cards they designed?

I'll look through my cards and see what I can find of those pokemon, I'll get back to you in a bit :)

Edit: this is what I found ^^

Edited at 2015-03-21 08:44 pm (UTC)

The Houndoom is a holo, so I'd trade it for another similarly rare holo or the equal of a holo/cards of equal rarity. If you have any cool holos, I might be interested in, let me know :)

Yes, just type in the names in google or search them on bulbapedia :) There you can find a link to a list with all the cards they've ever designed for the TCG :)

And of the cards you have, I'd definitely be interested in the two left Charmanders (I already got the right ones, but I can also take the base set Charmander since that is my favorite Charmander card. ^^) and all the Natus, the Treecko (it looks awesome!) and the Gastly.

Oh and I forgot, I have a Larvitar card too :) I opened two Japanese booster packs a while ago, and I got a Neo Discovery Larvitar:
It's an interesting card since its meant to be a reflection in the water :) I'm not sure if I can part with the card but I'll think it over :)

Other than that, do you have a list of cards with those you wanna trade? I am basically interested in any Pokemon card besides my top favorite Pokemon if I find the artwork cool :)
I'll have a look at my cards later/tomorrow and let you know what I have. If you want anything secret wonders let me know too, I can also throw in some freebies ^^

Okay, I'll take a look at what I own ^^ If I don't find a holo, how many cards do you think would equal him in value?

I didn't look at every single card, but from what their artwork looks like I don't think I have many doubles of them :c I'll take a look just in case though.

Okay! I put them aside for you ^w^ And I actually already have that Larvitar; I love the design though!

I don't have a list, but I'll just take pics of doubles from specific types to narrow it down ^^ I'll post pics tomorrow or later today.
And I don't think I have anything secret wonders actually, haha xD

Edit: added some more doubles:
Sorry for the poor quality, it's really dark right now and my room is pretty dependent on natural lighting xD

Edited at 2015-03-22 02:35 am (UTC)

I've had a look and that Houndoom is actually not one of the most expensive or rare holos hahah xD Just worth 59 cents. However, since it's a holo and holos are definitely harder to pull than commons or uncommons, I'd love to trade it for at least a rare card or some cards equaling one rare card. But I am DEFINITELY interested in your Noivern card. Is that a holo? If yes, I'd trade my Houndoom for your Noivern, and if it's not a holo, I'll trade it too lol.

In what condition are your cards? All cards I have are in near mint or even mint condition meaning they have no damage or whatsoever besides the one or the other little white spot at their edges or just a tiny scratch. So I'm also looking for near-mint cards if possible or at least in very good condition, meaning I don't want cards that have significant dents/scratches/edgewear or something.

Here are the cards I'd be interesting in the ones you sent me pictures of :)
That Bellsprout holding its head (this is freaking cute!!!) in the last pic
the left Phanpy in the fourth pic (lying under the tree)
definitely the Charmander in the fifth pic (though I'm confused it's electric type xD)
Joltik, Kabuto and Charmeleon in the 6th pic
Noivern, Goomy, Swirlix and the two Lairons in the 8th pic
Ivysaur on the right in the 8th pic
middle row Koffing on the far left and the middle row Bulbasaur on the far right in the 10th pic
GROVYLE and Venomoth in the 11th pic

As far as secret wonders goes, you can have a look at the set on bulbapedia and tell me which cards you want :) I have tons of doubles for the commons and also some doubles for the uncommons, I even have doubles for the holos: Roserade and Ludicolo. And I have some Plusle and Minun from that set as well.
I might also have doubles of these
and tons more. Just have a look at the set :)

Sounds good! Noivern isn't holo, but I'll trade him for Houndoom if you're fine with that :D
My cards are all in near-mint/mint condition, I think the only one in good condition that you picked out was the oldest Charmendar ^^

Okay! I put those aside for you- I have a total of 25 cards now~ I do have more doubles if you'd like to see them though :)

These are the common/uncommon cards I'm missing from the set, aside from holo Ludicolo and Plusle which are rare.

Burmy trash
Male nidoran
Shellos east

So at the moment I've traded for your Houndoom and Houndour, right? Let me know which you cards have from the list above :)

Yes, I'd totally trade my Houndoom for your Noivern :)
Okay, excellent :)

I have doubles of the following cards of your list that I can trade <3


Burmy trash
Male nidoran
Shellos east
Stantler (I believe? I forgot. But I think yes. I'll look again lol)

I also have Ludiculo and Plusle, seriously, please take them, I have like 3 of each xD (I pulled so many doubles lol)

So with Plusle and Ludicolo, that are 23 cards. With the Houndour you're also interested, it's 24.
Could we maybe match up commons with commons and uncommons with uncommons? What do you feel most comfortable trading with if it doesn't match up exactly?

EDIT: Ah and yes, let me know which doubles you still have please :)

Ah and on another note: you saw partywooper's sales post right? I saw you traded the Tomy mega Sceptile. I asked for an art trade for the PC mega Sceptile and they agreed :) (YES!!) The onl thing is, they don't ship internationally, so I offered them to middleman it; could you do that? :D

Edited at 2015-03-22 06:37 pm (UTC)

Okay great, so with Noivern and Houndoom, we both have 25 cards to trade :D
From the 24 left over, I have 5 uncommons, and 19 commons. I'll get back to you with other card doubles I have and we can match them up evenly ^^
Do you have more cards to trade by any chance?

Ooh congrats <3 And yeah, I can definitely middleman for you! When do you want me to send it? Cause at the moment we've got the card trade, the perler/sculpture trade, and possibly sometime in the future a partial trade or purchase of a Swablu plush? Or I can always just send it by itself xD

Okay, so my Houndoom for your Noivern is fix right?
So what's left are the others then. I honestly wouldn't mind trading my uncommons for yours even though mine are more, and then simply trading all the other cards in exchange. If you have some other commons or uncommons to add to match up with the Ludiculo and Plusle though since they are rares/holo let me know :)

Yees, great thank you! :)
It would be cool if you could send it along with all the trades in once. Do you have an idea of how much that would be to Germany? Since you said you would take shipping for the perler sprite I won in your contest, would you pay the part of that shipping that would have been the persler sprite had you sent that alone? :x

Edited at 2015-03-22 07:24 pm (UTC)

Okay, thanks :D I added some more doubles on my journal if you'd like to take a look :)

Unfortunately since the perler sprite by itself would be shipped in a large bubblemailer I can't put a plush in there :c I can put the perler sprite in a box along with the plush and you can pay the difference between what the box and bubblemailer would cost to ship, if that works ^^

I'd be interested in those:
Wingull (that's a Wingull right?), Aipom and Tauros from the second to last picture (the Tauros is my Tomokazu Komiya btw and the Aipom by sui :))
Noibat in the last pic
the Magicarp in the middle of the three Magikarps in the last row in the third last pic
the Buizel in the fourth last pic

Are these all commons or are there also uncommons among these?

I'll take a look at my other cards tomorrow and tell you which I have you might want maybe, okay? :)

Yes, exactly that's what I meant with the shipping :) I assume a box will be quite expensive to ship, won't it? >.< I've gotten boxes before though that were "only" 15 dollars, so if that would be possible, that would be great.

Alright! Magikarp and Tauros are uncommon, and the others are common :)And I'll upload the rest of my doubles in the meantime while you're checking which cards you have.

Sounds good! I don't mind trading multiple commons for the Plusle and Ludicolo ^^

Gotcha! Yep, I'll have to see how big the sprites turn out, but the box will definitely not be more than 18. So the difference would probably be between 5-10 :)

Edit: I just made a post on the comm with the complete list of doubles <3 Let me know if there's anything else you see! I put all the cards that you asked about aside, there's currently 31 total (23 C, 7 UC, and Noivern (R?))

Edited at 2015-03-23 09:52 pm (UTC)

Okay, I'm gonna reply here :)
Here are the cards I still have. Those are mostly Team Rocket and Jungle ones. I think I have more doubles of Team Rocket still, but I just photographed the ones I thought you might want/haven't got already.

Unfortunately, those are not very many :/ If you don't want any of these, I might exchange some of the newer cards I listed in your thread on pkmncollectors with old ones I listed because there are some I'd really want.

Out of those, I'm interested in Dark(?) Gloom, Dark Persian, Mothim, the newer Eevee, Togepi, and Drifloon :) So that makes 31 of your cards and 41 of mine, right? Would you perhaps be interested in a sketch for the ten cards to make it even? Not a full drawing or anything, maybe just one or two pokemon that I can color in, like what you did with the Politoad card. ^^

Yes, it's a dark Gloom :)
These cards are also all in German - the secret wonders cards too, I hope you don't mind that?

And yes, a little sketch will absolutely work for me :)
Edit: Which Pokemon would you like? :)
Alright, so then we'll just trade all these cards we listed right? ^^ Awesome :) I'm looking forward to it :)

I'm currently working on my drawing for partywooper for the Sceptile :D That will be so awesome to get this plush! Do you actually know his size? I assume he is about the same size as the other mega plushies, so also like the mega Charizards?

Edited at 2015-03-23 11:18 pm (UTC)

I don't mind at all! I love collecting cards in different languages :)

Great, thanks! Could you make a Latios with a Pikachu on top?
I'll send out all your cards tomorrow <3

I can't wait for you to get him, he's such a pretty plush :D Mine is slightly smaller than my Mega Blaziken but yeah, it's around the same size as the other mega's.

Oh I thought you'll just send the cards with the Sceptile and the sprites later?

And yes, I'll draw a Latios with a Pikachu for you <3

I don't mind sending them out earlier since it may take a while for the sprites to be done, it's up to you :)

Thanks! Can't wait to see it <3

Oh okay, if you're alright with paying the extra shipping? :x I thought it would be cheaper for you if you just added it in to the other package? If it's cheaper for you, please do that since I really don't mind waiting.
I'll have to buy new sleeves possibly first anyway, since I ran out of sleeves and some of your cards I want to trade don't h ave sleeves yet. Oh and btw, is it possible for you to send my cards in sleeves too?

Oh okay! Well if you're alright with the wait I'll put it in the big package ^^
Since the pile is about an inch tall I was going to tie it with a rubber band and then put it in a few plastic bags, would that work? If you'd rather have the cards in sleeves that's fine too :)

Do you have any idea how long you'll take until finishing the sprites? I'd rather have the cards in sleeves since I am super paranoid about them getting damaged somehow lol. If that's doable for you :) Should I send yours in sleeves too?

Normally I'd wait until all my orders are finished since it's a giveaway, but since we also agreed on a trade that actually bumps it up quite a bit xD I have two orders ahead of yours, so it should be about 2-3 weeks until I'm done (maybe sooner since I have spring break coming up).
Okay, no problem! I'll put them in sleeves. If you could send mine in sleeves too that'd be great :)

2-3 weeks is absolutely fine with me :) Don't mind the wait at all. I will take a bit until being able to do the figure anyway and I'd rather send it together with the cards as well to save on shipping.
Yes, I will send your card in sleeves too :) I will simply use these "flimsy" transparent normal sleeves if that's okay. You can also use them for my cards. ^^ If you don't have enough sleeves, you can also put 2-4 cards or so in one sleeve. I just want them to be protected in some way, that would be cool :) If you could maybe also wrap them in some sort of tissue or bubble wrap or something, that'd be cool too. ^^ But just if it doesn't increase shipping or something.

Oh and btw I saw your list of favorite Pokemon for each generation and I made my own list on my journal too. ^^ I think this is so much fun :) I tagged some other people to do the list too :>

Sure, that's fine! I'll make sure to put bubblewrap or something around the sleeves :)

Ooh I'll take a look once I'm home <3

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