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So, I've fallen in love with Noivern. *_*
At first, I didn't like him I think. I don't know why? Maybe at a first glance, I think he was overdesigned or something (he's still very complex) - but now I've really grown on him. He is a fucking badass dragon-bat, 'nuff said. He's so swift-looking and has a cute little face and is just an awesome flying-dragon thingie which I love (hence maybe my love for Charizard).

And I want to collect Noivern now!
My list:
- custom Pokedoll (already commissioned)
- Noibat and Noivern charms
- Noivern normal Kid and attack Kid figures
- Noivern Tomy figure
- maybe clearfiles
- custom Noivern and Noibat Pokemon Time bookmars (gotta commission agui_chan!)

And here are some cute pictures ^__^


OMG this is so cute!!

Eating an apple <3

And a little Noivern thief staring out of a bag <3 You silly little Noivern! I love you <3


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